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Owned and Operated by Jessica Horn

Located in Lancaster, PA


Jess helped me to select a pattern, altered it to properly fit each of my bridesmaids and completed all their dresses ahead of schedule. It was wonderful to know that it was one more thing off my plate, since she had everything under control, and the final product looked great!
— Jennifer Spangler
My quilt was made for me as a graduation present, and it is without a doubt one of the most thoughtful and beautiful gifts I have ever received. It’s ridiculously comfortable, perfect for chilly winter nights, just the right size for my twin size bed, and comprised of my favorite colors. As an added bonus, the pocket patches are functional...It’s going to be well loved and well used for years to come.
— Andy Hickly
We got our quilt from Grandma Shope as a wedding gift in 1988...We used it for many years. In 2013 Jessica removed the old backing, put new red wool on it, and exchanged one corner patch with a new one. She put our initials on it and “25 years.” We continue to use it and think of both Grandma Shope and Jess every morning when we make our bed.
— Kevin and Denise Shope
My dad recently passed and The Hazel Shope created memorabilia pillow covers (16”x16”) using my dad’s button up shirts and ties, a total of 29 pillow covers. They turned out awesome! The “shirt” pillow covers are nice and simple but the “tie” pillow covers are colorful, wacky and such fun! The extra material from making the shirt pillows was used to create a lap quilt (54”x66”) for my mom, and it’s fabulous! My parents were married for 62 years, so my mom will absolutely love being wrapped in a quilt made from dad’s shirts. A special touch added to the back of the quilt is a label that includes my dad’s name, date of birth, date of death, and my mom’s full name and date they married. I would strongly recommend The Hazel Shope take care of whatever project you need. Jessie was professional, caring, timely, responsive and followed through as promised. Thank you so much for creating these special gifts that my family will enjoy forever!
— Marcy Arndt

Meet the Maker


My name is Jessica Horn, and I'm the head seamstress behind The Hazel Shope. I sew everything from quilts to accessories, and I also do clothing alterations. My real passion, though, is taking something old and making it new. My great-grandmother Hazel Shope is the inspiration for my business. She used to make quilts from fabric scraps for my family, and I've had the privilege of restoring a few of them over the years. Whether you need a lanyard for your keys, a baby quilt for a newborn, or your mother's wedding dress refashioned into your own, I'm the one for the job!

Jennifer Spangler, when she isn’t instructing teenagers about the ways and whims of the English language or Dungeon Mastering a complex campaign for her friends, assists Jessica with craft shows, inventory production, and business strategy. She’s handy with crochet needles and is getting the hang of working with her new Baby Lock Zest, Elsie. Look for her products to join The Hazel Shope’s line up at craft shows next season!